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Fuel Consumption should be a priority when purchasing tyres


Identify your optimum tyre policy with Tyre Analytics. Reduce your operational costs and track the savings being made.


Stop advertising generic savings with caveates. Demonstrate the real-world total-cost-of-ownership performance of your tyres to hauliers.

Understanding Tyre Performance

Fleets that buy tyres based on both tyre price and fuel consumption (total-cost-of-ownership) make the largest savings.

You already know that rolling resistance has an impact on fuel consumption. What if you could quantify the cost saving from improved tyre choice specific to your truck? And then monitor the savings as they happen?

Based on over 400 million calculations per vehicle, we accurately demonstrate the impact your tyres are having on your fuel bill and calculate potential massive TCO savings from improved tyre choice.

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Using Big Data to Quantify the Impact of Tyre Choice

Using big data to quantify the importance of tyre choice

Tyre Analytics is a dedicated data analytics solution that combines fleet telematics data with an independently verified tyre performance database, to help fleets choose tyres that minimise TCO. 

Tyre Analytics processes the complex datasets produced by your vehicles and their unique journeys to quantify the impact tyre choice has on your fuel costs. Everything from the localised, real-time weather to road inclines and traffic conditions will influence the effect tyre choice has on fuel consumption.

Accurate vehicle energy modelling uses these complex datasets to simulate fleet performance based on tyre choice. 

reducing total cost of ownership

Buying tyres on price alone is a false economy. When choosing the right tyres for your fleet it is important to understand the impact on operational costs.

Fuel accounts for 75% of fleet operational costs (RHA). Fuel consumption is a major factor in the total cost of your tyres, and one that you can have control over by choosing the right tyres.

Tyre Analytics accurately forecasts your fleet fuel consumption for any tyre choice based on your specific vehicles and their individual journeys. This enables you to select the tyres that significantly reduce total cost of ownership.

400 million + calculations per vehicle

* 20-40% of fuel is typically attributable to the tyres on a general haulage truck.  This figure has been derived from our scientific performance analysis of fleets from both major and small logistics companies. In our experience, this range can extended to 15-48%.