When it comes to operational costs, tyres are often the easiest way to make savings. That’s why we developed Tyre Analytics.

Tyre Analytics is a dedicated big data analytics service helping fleets to identify quality tyres that will provide significant cost savings. These savings come from choosing tyres that best balance both price, longevity, and fuel performance.

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"...The controlled trials that we carried out with Dynamon, on ASDA trucks, calculated the degree of saving possible by changing our tyre policy..."
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"Using Dynamon’s Tyre Analytics highlighted the significant reduction in fuel consumption possible by changing the tyres on our fleet..."
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Data Specific to your fleet

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Tyre Analytics works by analysing your existing fleet telematics data and vehicle configuration data to make accurate cost saving forecasts for any tyre choice.

Tyre Analytics integrates directly with your telematics to seamlessly draw data specific to the journey profiles of your vehicles.

400 million + calculations per vehicle

400 million + calculations per vehicle

To help you identify the optimum tyres for your fleet Tyre Analytics performs millions of calculations on the data collected for each vehicle. Tyre performance is investigated on an axle-by-axle and vehicle-by-vehicle basis, providing vehicle specific predictions of real-world fuel consumption. Dynamon has built advanced grouping into Tyre Analytics, so if your fleet is large this enables demonstration of tyre performance across any fleet division or group, whilst calculations are performed on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis in the background.

To ensure absolute accuracy in the predicted fuel consumption, Tyre Analytics utilises both high resolution terrain data and local, real-time weather data. These factors have a significant impact on how tyre choice will affect fuel consumption. Going to this level of detail is how Tyre Analytics can make such accurate cost saving forecasts.

Database of independently verified tyres

Database of independently verified tyres

Tyre Analytics utilises a growing database of independently tested tyres. Dynamon frequently conducts accredited EU1235/2011 tyre testing to ensure Tyre Analytics contains accurate data for the latest and most popular tyre choices.

Generate 'What if' scenarios

Tyre Analytics - scenarios to demonstrate supply chain fleet logistics

Tyre Analytics can be used by any fleet with telematics data. After initial setup and consultation with a Dynamon engineer, Tyre Analytics will begin analysing data. Once twelve months of historic data has been analysed (this takes approximately 2 weeks) fleets can begin investigating different tyres to unlock the savings from improved tyre choice.

"‘…we had not expected our tyre choice to have such a significant impact on fuel costs.

Within the process of establishing how to reduce fuel consumption, we considered a wide range of contributing factors. It became apparent that tyres could be a significant area of saving for us. The controlled trials that we carried out with Dynamon, on ASDA trucks, calculated the degree of saving possible by changing our tyre policy."
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