Ever wondered if you could weigh up the price of tyres vs their impact on operational costs?

Using big data analytics, backed up by real-world validation, now you can. The accurate energy modelling performed by Tyre Analytics can quantify the fleet specific, total cost of ownership of any tyre on any wheel position. This analysis includes tyre cost, fleet specific wear and damage rates, and fuel performance.

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Tyre Procurement Analytics

Cheap tyres or cheap PPK contracts significantly increase fuel consumption and therefore increase total costs for fleets – massively offsetting the initial cost savings from the tyres themselves. Tyre Analytics enables logistics companies to make informed purchasing decisions, taking into account tyre price, tyre wear/damage and fuel performance, to minimise total-cost-of-ownership. READ MORE...

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Tyre Trials & Performance Monitoring

Fleets need to ensure that they achieve the savings expected from their tyres and know where further savings can be made. Tyre manufacturers need to demonstrate that their products are achieving savings for their fleet customers. READ MORE....

"Using Dynamon’s Tyre Analytics highlighted the significant reduction in fuel consumption possible by changing the tyres on our fleet.

Tyre Analytics provided us with clear and useful information that we anticipate will enable us to run a more efficient fleet. As a result of this procurement analytics project, we have changed to a different tyre manufacturer..."
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